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Production Team

Meet the team who made this film possible

Kay Milam
Kay Milam: Director/Producer

Kay’s life and career seamlessly blends her love for film, photography, animals, nature, art, culture, history, travel and music.

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Jeff Saunders
Jeff Saunders: Director of Photography, US & Northern Mexico

Jeff is an EMMY-nominated and Cine Golden Eagle-winning cinematographer with a career spanning more than 25 years.

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Carlos Diazmuñoz
Carlos Diazmuñoz: Director of Photography, Mexico

Carlos began his career in the film industry at six years of age as an actor. His professional education behind the camera started at age 20.

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David Crites
David Crites: Editor and Engineer

David is an accomplished musician, studio engineer, and video editor who specializes in the creation of visual effects and computer animation.

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Gil Talmi
Gil Talmi: Composer

Gil is a world-renowned EMMY-nominated composer, producer and recording artist with a passion for socially conscious media projects.

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Alanna Nash
Alanna Nash: Writer/Story Consultant

As a feature writer for Entertainment Weekly, USA Weekend, and The New York Times, Alanna is a longtime chronicler of popular culture.

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Cathy Wilde
Cathy Wilde: Writer/Story Consultant

After graduating from the School or Journalism at Indiana University, Cathy promptly put her degree to good use by going to work in advertising.

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Eleanor Bingham Miller
Eleanor Bingham Miller: Executive Producer

Eleanor Bingham Miller is a documentary film producer with more than 40 years’ experience in non-fiction entertainment and served as a Producer for the recently released Boston

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Robin Burke
Robin Burke: Consultant

Robin is a film producer/director with 30+ years of inspiring independent projects related to food, music and social justice issues.

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Courtney Novak
Courtney Novak: Production & Design

Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Courtney is a freelance associate producer, production manager, photojournalist, and photographic artist.

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Annie Langan
Annie Langan: Graphic Design & Production Support

Annie is a multimedia photographer, graphic designer, and web designer.

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Theresa DiMenno
Theresa DiMenno: Still Photographer

At the heart of her photographic passion, Theresa is a master of creating imagery in the spirit of playfulness, intimacy and connection.

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